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Cereal Fans Share Their MemoriesTom Mix-Hero

Tom Mix Straight ShootersGrowing up my mom made my sister and me Ralston almost every winter morning. We always ordered double Tom Mix premiums.
—New Jersey

"Ralston’s dished," my mom proclaimed. This was our family’s signal to really get going. Our hero, Tom Mix, told us Hot Ralston could not be beat. We saved lots of box tops to get those wonderful things from T-Bar-M Ranch. I still have that cowboy energy—thanks to Ralston!

As a young boy I was a Ralston Straight Shooter. (I am now 70.) All my friends and I would be at the radio by 5:15 to listen to Tom Mix. According to my mother I was always waiting for a premium in the mail!

I fondly remember the cold winter afternoons coming home from school, anticipating the 15-minute serial program before the family dinner hour. To this day Ralston is one of my favorite breakfast foods.

I have been a lifelong Ralston Cereal eater. Growing up my friend Richie and I were Straight Shooters and listened to the radio show everyday. About 15-20 years ago I sent in for two Tom Mix Straight Shooter Bowls. I sent one to my old buddy, Richie. I’ve used that bowl ever since for my morning cereal.

As my Hot Ralston was cooking in the microwave this morning I remembered fantasizing about the latest radio offer and worrying about the availability of the next box top while Mom boiled the same product on a wood stove over 50 years ago.


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