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Theme SongTom Mix-Hero

Tom MixWhen it's Ralston time at breakfast
         Then it surely is a treat
To have some rich full flavored Ralston
         Made from golden western wheat
Wrangler says it is deeeeelicous!
         And you'll find so 'fore you're through
With a lot of cream for it sure tastes keen
         It's the tops for breakfast, too.
Ask your mother in the morning
         Serve you up a steaming plate
It's a grand hot whole-wheat cereal
         And the cowboys think it's great.
Once you try it, you'll stay by it
         Tom Mix says it's swell to eat.
Jane and Jimmy, too, say it's best for you
         Ralston cereal can't be beat.

The Secret Password

The secret password of the Straight Shooter is always given with the secret grip. It should never be spoken above a whisper. The password is given when a Straight Shooter wants to find out if another person is a member. The first Straight Shooter whispers the word, "RAL." The second Straight Shooter should then whisper the word, "STON." Afterwards, both Straight Shooters whisper "RALSTON." The password must be given at all secret meetings of the Straight Shooters.


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