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Tom Mix-Hero
Tom Mix originally became known as the great American Cowboy in silent movies. Tom Mix

He appeared in over 300 silent movies, primarily as the "good guy" cowboy known for doing his own outrageous stunts.

In 1933 Tom Mix began endorsing Ralston® 100% Wheat Cereal through the Tom Mix Straight Shooters Club and the world-famous radio series.

Millions of listeners faithfully tuned in to "live" the adventures of Tom Mix. Children incorporated the secret handshake and password into daily life and saved box tops and their hard-earned quarters for such items as the secret decoder ring, good luck charm, invisible ink pens and other promotional items.

Reruns of Tom Mix and the Straight Shooters Club entertained faithful fans of the radio show through the mid-1940s.

The legend of Tom Mix lives on today through saved books, comics, tapes, memorabilia and in the memories of those who grew up riding with Tom Mix and his horse, Tony.

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